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 uggghhhhh I wanted to post today ='[
but this little bugger took way too much time

Full post.
So yeah, that's my Tumblr.  Feel free to follow, I guess xD  A couple other of my gifs are up there, including one of Nakaken and Kitayama PARTYIN' PARTYIN' YEAH.  I'm sorry, it's almost 2 in the morning.

D'awww and I had stuff I wanted to talk about.  Cindy and Ivana are coming over tomorrow to watch Kokuhaku in the afternoon, so maybe after that~

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I am sooo following you on tumblr ♥
@emina yo!

ty love~ Following back <3

LOL I was thinking when I was watching that a GIF should be made of Kento and Kitayama dancing. XD And you made one! *saves*

Riiight? I was just like, THIS WILL BE MY NEW PARTYIN' HARD GIF.

he honestly looked like some guy trying to feel his nonexistent bust. that's what i thought at first errr okay.

im 999papercranes on tumblr~

...I giggled. x]

Following back! =D

hikaru has "needs".

do you have twitter btw. or do i have you on twitter already. .____.

Nope, don't have Twitter x];;

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