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(no subject)
 Can't talk, need to do government nooteesssss.  Grah, I'll write a post tomorrow ;A;

In the meantime, new layout and header~ =D

I'll work on a semi-friends-only banner later.  When I'm done with homework. aposiflaks

Just wondering, how do the ads look?  On my weird 1600 x 900 resolution and Google Chrome, they're behind the first post with a bit showing on the right side... they aren't blocking the entry, are they?

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Looking nice~ And ads are not blocking entries in firefox either. :3

Ty~ And good to hear =D

Gooovvv D: Good luck~

8D New layout! Looks good! The ad's the same on my end as it is for you... so not blocking the entry :D
JUMP banner ♥

Doing gov notes is just mindless =A=

Yay =D I still might want to work on the banner a bit more ifidont'forgetagainpffft

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